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the luthier

Andreas Jacobi began his carreer as a luthier 1988 in Cologne and was then assistant of the luthier Michael Franke in Mittenwald and Wiesbaden.

Since 2007 he owns his atelier directly at the cathedral in Geisenheim, germany.

Besides the traditional luthier work Andreas Jacobi is specialized in modern techniques in violin building as the three dimensional inlay technique that helps to repair old instruments without opening them.

He won in 2008 the  award of the technology competition of Hessen.

the musician

Malte Schaefer is first principal violist in the philharmonic state orchestra Mainz, one of the oldest orchestras in the world which exists more than 500 years.

He began to play violin with the age of three and studied later in Essen, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

After his studies he won the scholarship from the famous "Karajan Academy" and was for 2 years member of the Berlin philharmonic orchestra.

After that he was member of the state orchestra of Braunschweig and the Bamberberger Symphoniker.

Besides his work as a soloist, chambre and orchestra musician he works as a singer in Jazz and Chanson.

He worked for several years for the brand Wittner in germany and developed  his skills in modern technologies of string instrument equipment.

The Jebony mute is made out of one piece of ebony wood with a magnetic metal core inside.

The idea why we started to develop it was the fact that we were very unhappy with every mute we could buy on the market.

Either the sound was good, then the handling wasn´t, or the other way round!

The jebony mute combines both: perfect sound & perfect handling!

Every mute is handcrafted in the Atelier of the german luthier Andreas Jacobi in Geisenheim, every single piece is polished and oiled by hand, so it is clear that we can´t sell it for the same price as the industrial rubber mutes.

We do think that every professional musician should invest ones in his carreer this little money for a lifetime much better sound experience!

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